How to schedule a calendar invite in Sora

From welcome lunches to meetings to training sessions, scheduling calendar invites is a big part of People Ops.

And using Sora, you can automatically create and send those calendar invites right into your workflow.

To create one, just go to workflow management, click Add task, and give your task a name. Then select Calendar Invite and click the Expand button to see all of the task template options.

Click on Calendar invite details to expand.


Under title, give the calendar invite event a title. Like in other text fields throughout Sora, you can use double curly brackets to include a variable in the title.

In this example, we're scheduling a first day lunch in an onboarding workflow, so we'll include the new hire's first name.

Event date/time

Next, set the event's date and time. Be mindful, this is when the event will take place, not when the invite will be sent. Like with other Sora task templates, that is set up in the Triggers section.

We want our lunch invite to be on the new hire's first day, starting at 12pm and ending at 1pm.

You also have the option to make the invite for an all-day event.


Next you'll need to select the event's attendees. Here you can reference any relationship data field from the employee's profile.

We want to include the new hire's manager.

Location and description

Next you have the option of giving the event a location and a description.

Then just add the trigger and, if needed, any filters, and Publish the task!

What it looks like

When the calendar invite is triggered the recipients will receive an email invitation to the event.

And it'll also show up in their calendar.


When an underlying date is updated in Sora, the event will automatically be updated (people will get an "Updated invitation" email and the date will have change. Because of this, a calendar event task will not be marked as "completed" in Sora until the event date actually passes, to account for any updates that may happen until that date

If anything besides the date is changed – like if {{ Full name }} is in the calendar invite body and then someone's name is updated –the event will not automatically update. Only date changes trigger an updated invitation.