Adding additional Google accounts as organizers for Calendar Events

By default, the Google account that was used to configure the Google Calendar integration within Sora will appear as the organizer for all events that get created by a Calendar Event workflow task. Not only will these Calendar Events automatically be added to the organizer's calendar, but all calendar invite emails that get sent to attendees will also appear to be sent from the organizer's email address. However, you can add any number of additional Google accounts, which can then be used as the organizer for any specific Calendar Event within Sora.

For the instructions below, we will assume that is the account that was originally used to configure the Google Calendar integration, and is the account that we would like to add as an additional calendar organizer.

  1. Follow these steps to share the calendar of the new organizer ( with the authenticated account (
  2. Have the authenticated account ( accept the calendar sharing request. 
  3. Confirm that the authenticated account ( now sees the new organizer’s calendar ( under the My Calendars section of their Google Calendar sidebar.
  1. In Sora, the new organizer should now appear as an option in the Calendar dropdown within the task settings for any Calendar Event task in Sora.
The option selected in this Calendar setting will determine the email address used as the sender for the calendar invite emails that get automatically sent by Google when the event is created.
  1. Repeat this process to add any number of additional calendar organizers.


If you are still unable to see the additional calendar after following the steps above, try reconfiguring your Google Calendar integration within Sora by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Google Calendar.
  2. Click on the Clear configuration button.
  1. Configure the Google Calendar integration once again by following these instructions.
For additional troubleshooting help, please reach out to our Support team.