Calendar Events

The Calendar Event task type can be used to automatically create a calendar event directly from a Sora workflow. This article outlines the process of setting up a Calendar Event task and explains how it works.

Calendar Events is a recently released feature that is currently in Beta. Please contact our Support team if you notice any issues.

Configuring a calendar integration

In order to use the Calendar Event task type within your workflows, you must first configure the appropriate calendar integration within Sora. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations and select the desired calendar integration (Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar).
  2. Click on the Log in to set up integration button.
  3. Log in to the account that you would like to use as the default organizer for calendar events created by Sora. If you are setting up a Google Calendar integration, you also have the ability to add additional organizers for calendar events.
You can use an individual’s email address, however, this can lead to complications down the road if the person were to switch teams or leave the company. Instead, we encourage our customers to use a team email address (e.g. or a process-specific email address (e.g. when configuring their calendar integration.
  1. Click the Allow button to grant Sora the necessary permissions.
  2. You should now see a confirmation message that the calendar is configured for use and the toggle and the bottom should be switched to Active.

Adding a Calendar Event task to a workflow

Calendar Events can be added to a workflow in the same way as any other task type. Once added, you’ll have the ability to configure all the necessary task settings for the calendar event.

A few things to note regarding Calendar Event task settings:

  • Variables can be used to personalize the content of the calendar event’s Title and Description
  • The Trigger settings define when the calendar event will get created, not when the event will actually take place.
  • For calendar events that require video conferencing, you can either tell Sora to auto-generate a meeting link using the calendar’s native conferencing tool (i.e. Google Meet for Google Calendar or MS Teams for Outlook Calendar) or you can add a Zoom link.

Modifying a Calendar Event

Any changes made to a Calendar Event task template will automatically apply to all calendar event tasks that have yet to trigger. Alternatively, if you would like to modify a single instance of a Calendar Event task, you can edit the individual task within the specific employee’s workflow enrollment, so long as the task has not yet triggered. Changes to a calendar event that has already been created (i.e. the corresponding Calendar Event task within Sora has already triggered) would have to be made directly within the third-party app (e.g. Google Calendar) and any updates made to a calendar event within the third-party app will not be reflected in Sora.