Sora uses the Workday Web Services (WWS) API to connect to Workday. You’ll need to set up an Integration System User (ISU) and set up the correct access for that ISU in order for Sora to be able to access the API. Steps are as follows:

1. Create an Integration System User (ISU)

Keep the Session Timeout Minutes default value of 0 (or the lowest possible amount) to prevent session expiration. An expired session can cause the integration to time out before it successfully completes.

Select the Do Not Allow UI Sessions check box if you wish to prevent the integration system user from signing in to Workday through the UI. (Note: During testing, Sora will need access to the UI, whether it’s via this ISU or a different user account.)

To avoid integration errors caused by expired passwords, Workday recommends that you prevent Workday user passwords from expiring. Search for the Maintain Password Rules task and add the integration system user to the System Users exempt from password expiration field.

2. Create an Integration System Security Group (ISSG)

Type “create security group” in the Workday search bar and click Create Security Group.

From the In the Type of Tenanted Security Group drop­down menu select Integration System Security Group (Unconstrained) and give the group a name like “SoraISSG”.

On the next screen, under Integration System Users, add the ISU you created in step 1 to the list. Click OK, and then Done.

3. Edit domain security policy permissions

Now you'll need to ensure that the ISSG has access to the necessary business domains:

- Worker Data: Personal Data
- Worker Data: Public Worker Reports
- Worker Data: All Positions
- Worker Data: Active Employees
- Worker Data: Worker ID
- Worker Data: Current Staffing Information
- Worker Data: Terminations
- Worker Data: Gender
- Person Data: Legal Name
- Person Data: Work Email
- Person Data: Home Email
- Person Data: Home Contact Information
- Person Data: Home Address
- Person Data: Date of Birth
- Person Data: Government IDs
- Manage: Location
- Manage: Organization Integration
- Organization: Cost Center
- Job Information

To do this, type “Domain Security Configuration” in the Workday search bar and click on the result.

Now for each domain, type the domain name in the Domain field, then click OK at the bottom

On the next page, click the ellipsis icon after the domain name to reveal a drop­down menu. Select Domain > Edit Security Policy Permissions.

Under Integration Permissions > Security Groups, add “SoraISSG” and check all checkboxes on the right (GET, POST, PUT)

When you doo this, Workday may alert you to activate the security policy changes. To activate, do the following:

Type “Activate Pending Security Policy Changes” in the Workday search bar and select the result

Enter a comment (e.g., “Sora implementation”), then click OK to activate

If necessary, check the confirm checkbox verifying the changes that needs to be activated

4. Share info with your Customer Success Manager

Now just share the following info with your Customer Success Manager

- Username for the ISU you created
- Password for the ISU you created
- Your Workday Tenant ID

Tenant ID

Your Workday Tenant ID is found in the URL when you’re logged into Workday. For example, if the URL is, your Tenant ID is “example”

Feel free to send us the whole URL if you’re not sure!


This Workday article explains how to obtain your WSDL URL

Type “Public Web Services” in the Workday search bar

Under Reports, select Public Web Services

From the Public Web Services list, select any one of them and click the ellipsis icon to reveal a drop-down menu. Select Web Service > View WSDL, which displays the full WSDL in a separate window.

Scroll to the bottom of that page to find the WSDL URL (you can search for soapbind:address), which will look something like this: