What to do when you've been assigned a task in Sora

So you've been assigned a task in Sora and you probably have some questions. Like, what's Sora? And, what's this task?

Well, Sora is an HR automation tool. It allows people teams to build and manage automated workflows for all of the different processes that are happening again and again at your company. That usually starts with onboarding a new hire, but you could also have employee offboarding, or performance review workflows, or really any other repeatable process that it makes sense to formalize in a workflow.

So that's Sora. Now what about this task you've been assigned?

Well, as I'm sure we all know, though employee engagement might be something that your people team owns, it really takes the entire company to do it well. It's on everyone.

So when your company is onboarding a new hire, HR has a lot of tasks they need to do in that workflow to give the new hire a great experience, but so do a lot of people outside of HR.

Like maybe someone on the IT teams needs to get a laptop ready for the new hire. Or the hiring manager needs to schedule a welcome lunch. Or maybe someone on the sales enablement team needs to set up a training session. And the new hire themselves might have some tasks assigned to them, like filling out a welcome survey.

Now, when you have a task assigned to you, depending on your notification settings in Sora, you'll get an email or a slack message letting you know about that task. That should look something like this, with the task name and some information about it, like who it's for and when it's due.

Now maybe you already knew about the task and maybe you've even already done it. Great! You can mark it complete right from the email like this.

But if you need more information or maybe you have to input some information to mark it complete, you can click through to view the task on Sora. From there you can look at all of your tasks, see what's coming up, or if anything is overdue, and mark tasks complete as you get them done. It's that simple!