How to filter a task

Task filters are a simple but powerful way to create a personalized and nuanced workflow. They allow you to build tasks that apply to only certain types of employees. So you can create different "before your first day" emails for each office location. Or assign specific tasks just to certain types of new hires, like those with Visa requirements.

And they're super easy to setup.

From the workflow management screen, starting creating the task like you normally would. But before we publish the task, scroll to the bottom of task template and click to expand the Filters section.

From here you can add two different types of filters.

Tag filter

The first button allows you to add a tag filter. This allows you to only create the task for people with certain tags. Keep in mind that this only works with employee fields that are the tag data type.

We're going to create a quick tech survey that we only want to send to full-time new hires.

To set it up, just click the Add tag filter button then search for the employee field you want to filter on.

Then just select the tags from that field that you want to get the task. I just want this survey to get sent to full-time employees, so I select that tag.

Then simply hit Publish and your tag filtered task is good to go.

Field validation filter

The second filter option is field validation. This filter simply looks to see whether a specific employee field is set or not.

So let's say I wanted to assign a task to someone on our IT team only if the new hire had a special ergonomic request in their tech survey.

To set it up, click the Add field validation filter button then search for the field you'd like to filter on.

If you want employees who have that field to get the task, select Is set.

If you want employees who don't have that field to get the task, select Is not set.

Then hit Publish and your field validation filtered task is all set up.