How to add employees to a workflow

After you've created a workflow, it's time to start adding people to it. And that can be done automatically or manually.

There are four ways to add a person to a workflow:

Manually in the workflow
In bulk on the Employees page
Triggered by another tool
Triggered by another workflow

The first is the tried-and-true manual method. And the second way is a way to manually add employees in bulk from the Employees page. The third way is typically used to get new hires into Sora and kickstart their onboarding workflow. And the fourth is a custom option for when you want to daisy chain workflows together.

Manually in Sora

To manually add an employee to a workflow, select the workflow from the Workflows page.

Now click the Add employees button on the top right.

When you click the Select employee button, you'll see a drop-down with all the employees in Sora. Start typing the name of the employee until they appear in the drop-down. Then click on the person's name.

This brings up the employee's profile for review. Depending on the workflow, there may be details that you'd like to input before adding the employee to the workflow.

After you've reviewed the employee's data, click the Add to workflow button.

You'll be taken back to the Workflow page, and you'll now see the employee you just added to the workflow in the In progress sidebar.

In bulk from the Employees page

To manually add employees in bulk to a workflow, go to the Employees page.

Check the checkbox to the left of the people you want to add to the workflow.

Then click Actions and select Add employees to a workflow. Now select the workflow you want to add the employees to.

Note: While this allows you to add multiple employees to a workflow at once, you will have to do it one page at a time.

Triggered by another tool

To trigger adding an employee to a workflow using another tool, the tool just needs to allow you to create a webhook. A webhook is a way for two tools to communicate.

In Sora, the most common use case is using a webhook from an ATS like Greenhouse or Lever to add an employee to your onboarding workflow.

From the Workflows page, select the workflow you'd like to set up a trigger for.

Then click the Manage workflow button on the top right of the Workflow page.

On the Workflow management page, click the Actions drop-down and select Workflow settings.

In Workflow settings, switch to the Trigger tab. This is where you'll add a webhook.

Select the tool from the drop-down, then select the update in the tool that you would like to trigger adding the person to your Sora workflow. In the onboarding example, the tool could be Greenhouse, and the update you want Sora to listen for is "Candidate has been hired".

Now Sora will give you an Endpoint URL and a Secret key. This is the information you need to give your tool to create the webhook. Instructions for creating a webhook will differ tool by tool, but here are instructions for Greenhouse and Lever.

Click the Create trigger button, and now when the webhook is triggered the employee will be automatically be added to the workflow.

Triggered by another workflow

The final option is to use one workflow to trigger another. This could be used if you wanted to have one universal onboarding workflow for all of your employees, but then feed into multiple orientation workflows. This could be useful if your engineering orientation process is so different than your sales orientation process that it doesn't make sense for them to be in the same workflow.

Because this feature is currently in beta, you'll need to contact your Sora representative for them to turn it on for you.