You will need to be both an Administrator in Sora and a Payroll Admin in Gusto to configure the following integration.

Setting up the Integration

Follow these steps to integrate Gusto with Sora:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Gusto within Sora
  1. Click on the Login to set up integration button. Alternatively, if you have not already set up a Gusto account, click on the Sign up for Gusto button.
  2. Click the Authorize button in the resulting pop-up window.
If your Gusto account is an administrator for multiple companies, then you will see each one listed in the pop-up window. Select all companies that you want to integrate with Sora.
  1. Click the Validate button.
  1. You should see the following confirmation pop-up. If not, please reach out to
  1. Reach out to your Sora rep to continue with the setup process to create your new hires in Gusto.

Disabling the integration

If you are looking to temporarily disable your Gusto integration within Sora, navigate to the Gusto Integration settings page and flip the Active toggle. Alternatively, if you want to completely remove the integration from your instance of Sora, click on the Clear configuration button in the same settings panel. 

Clicking on the Clear configuration button will only clear the credentials from Sora. In order to fully uninstall Sora from your Gusto instance, you should visit the Gusto administration settings.