"Full name" field

The “Full name” field is one of the default fields that is provided by Sora. While this field can be used as a variable in a task template just like any other field, there is no way to explicitly set this field on an employee’s profile. Instead, the value for this field is automatically set by Sora using a combination of the other name fields that are stored on an employee’s profile. More specifically, the value for the “Full name” field is determined by the following logic:

  • If “Preferred first name” field is set → “Full name” = “Preferred first name” “Last name”
  • Else → “Full name” = “First name” “Last name”

Now let’s assume you want to always use the employee’s legal first name for their full name, even if they have a different preferred first name. In that case, rather than using the “Full name” variable, you should instead combine the “First name” and “Last name” variables with a space in between as shown in the screenshot below: