Field mapping

Most HR applications, including Sora, allow you to store information about your employees using fields that operate as key-value pairs (i.e. Field name: Field value). However, the name of the same field will often differ from application to application. For example, your ATS might store a candidate’s first name in a field called first_name, while your HRIS might call this same field firstName. Or, the expected format for a field’s value might differ depending on the tool (e.g. CA vs. California for a field that stores the employee’s state). In either case, a field mapping would be required when syncing data from one tool to another.

Inbound field mapping for an ATS integration

In order for an ATS integration to work properly, you will need to set the inbound field mapping so that Sora knows which fields from your ATS should be mapped to which employee fields within Sora. To do so, follow these steps:

The following screenshots use Greenhouse as an example, however, the process is the same for every ATS that has a supported Sora integration.
  1. Within Sora, navigate to Settings > Integrations and then click on the tile for your ATS.
  1. Switch over to the Inbound field mapping tab.
  1. Use the dropdowns to select the corresponding field within your ATS for each employee field within Sora that you want automatically set whenever a candidate is imported from the ATS.
Please reach out to your Sora representative if you have any fields whose value needs to be transformed (e.g. CACalifornia) as a part of the mapping process.
If you are configuring the Lever integration, only default candidate fields will appear when you first navigate to the Inbound field mapping tab. To map custom Lever fields, use the View sample data for input to search for a candidate that has Referral and Offer custom fields, at which point these custom fields should appear in the field mapping list.
  1. (Optional) Enter a candidate’s email address or select an employee within Sora that has a candidate profile within your ATS and then click on the Go button. This will show you sample field values for that specific employee based on your current mapping.
  1. Once you are done mapping all the desired fields, click the Save button on the bottom-right corner.