Employee dashboard cards

Employee dashboard cards allow you to display messages on the Home page within Sora. The content of an employee dashboard card is fully customizable, so it can be used for a variety of different purposes such as posting a welcome message for new hires, providing links to useful company resources, or making time-sensitive announcements.

Setting up an employee dashboard card

Only employees that have been added to the Administrators permissions group can set up employee dashboard cards.

To create an employee dashboard card, navigate to Settings > Dashboard cards. Here you will find inputs for setting the title and body of a dashboard card. You can use variables to personalize the text of a dashboard card’s title or body. Furthermore, the section for setting the body of a dashboard card features a rich-text editor which allows you easily add special formatting and images to the content.

At the bottom, you will also see a checkbox labeled Allow employees to dismiss this message. If this box is checked, then employees will be able to remove the message from their Home page.

You can also apply filters to a card so that only employees that meet specific criteria will see the card in their Dashboard.

When you are done configuring a dashboard card, you can click the Publish to Dashboard button to make the card visible to all employees. Alternatively, you can click the Save as Draft button to save your work without actually publishing the dashboard card.

You can create up to 5 dashboard cards. By default, published dashboard cards will appear in the right column of the Home dashboard in the order that they were published (i.e. the oldest dashboard card will appear at the top and the newest dashboard card will appear at the bottom). However, you can manually adjust the order of published dashboard cards by clicking on the Edit dashboard layout button, clicking-and-dragging the dashboard cards into the desired order, and finally clicking on the Save dashboard layout button.