Email verification

In order for workflow emails to be sent on behalf of employees at your company, you must first authorize Sora as a designated sender. This article will explain the two different methods of email verification which can be configured from the Company Emails section of the Settings tab within Sora.

This portion of Sora is only visible to users who have been added to the Administrators permissions group.

Domain Keys Identified Email (DKIM)

DKIM is a standard email authentication technique used to verify that emails appearing to come from a specific domain have indeed been authorized by the owner of that domain. To authorize Sora as a verified email sender, the appropriate DNS records must be added to your company's domain – a process which is typically handled by someone on the IT team or DevOps team.

These DNS records are unique for each domain and can be found directly within Sora by selecting the View DNS settings option shown in the screenshot below. Alternatively, if the person tasked with adding the DNS records to your company’s domain does not have login access to Sora (or if their Sora account has not been added to the Administrators permissions group), then you can select the Export DNS settings option to download a CSV of the DNS records to send to them separately.

Once the necessary DNS records have been added, you can return to the DKIM section within Sora to confirm that your domain name has indeed been verified.

It may take up to 24 hours after DNS records have been added for a domain to be verified. If your domain is still not verified after a day, please reach out to our Support team or your Sora representative for assistance.

Once this process has been completed, you can use Sora to send automated emails from any email address, including email aliases, at your company’s domain.

Individual email address verification

Rather than authorizing Sora as an email sender at the domain level (which is what happens with DKIM), you can instead choose to verify only specific email addresses. To do so, check the Individual email address verification option and enter an email address from which you would like to send workflow emails. This will automatically trigger an email containing a verification link to be sent to that email address, and once that link has been clicked, the email address will be marked as verified within Sora.

You can add any number of email addresses using this method of verification. However, if you will be using Sora to send emails on behalf of multiple different email addresses at your company, it is highly recommended that you use the DKIM method of email verification discussed above instead.