1. Go to Settings in DocuSign

Make sure you have a developers account and navigate to Settings.

2. Navigate to Apps and Keys

In the left sidebar scroll down to the Integrations section and click on Apps and Keys

3. Add Integration Key

Click the Add App and Integration Key button.

And from the popup modal, name the App Sora.

4. Configure the app

Under the Service Integration section, click the Generate RSA button.

Copy the RSA Private Key and keep it for the next step.

In the Additional settings section click the Add URI and enter:

Then click Save.

5. Add integration information into Sora

From the Apps and Keys screen, you'll see four pieces of information you need to configure your DocuSign integration in Sora along with the RSA Private Key from the previous step.

  1. User ID
  2. API Account ID
  3. Account Base URI
  4. Sora Integration Key

In a separate tab, log in to Sora and navigate to the Settings page.

Select the Integrations tab, then select DocuSign from the integrations dropdown.

Now paste the information from the DocuSign Apps and Keys screen and RSA Private Key into Sora.

Toggle the integration to Active and click Save.

6. Log in to setup integration

Now just click the Log in to setup integration button and log in to DocuSign to complete the integration.