Follow all of the step-by-step instructions below to configure Sora’s integration with DocuSign.

You must have administrator permissions in Sora and a developer account in DocuSign in order to set up this integration.

Setting up a development app

  1. Within DocuSign, click on the Setting tab in the top navigation bar.
  1. In the left sidebar, scroll down to the Integrations section and click on the Apps and Keys option.
  1. Click on the Add app and integration key button.
  1. Input Sora as the app name and then click on the Create app button.
  1. Under the Service Integration section, click the Generate RSA button.
  1. Copy the Private Key to your clipboard before closing the pop-up modal.
  1. In the Additional settings section, click on the Add URI button and input the following value:
  1. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Open Sora in a separate tab and navigate to Settings > Integrations > DocuSign.
  3. Paste the Private Key that was copied to your clipboard in step 6 into the RSA Private Key input.
  4. Copy the following fields from the Apps and Keys page in DocuSign and paste the values into the corresponding inputs within Sora:
  1. User ID
  2. API Account ID
  3. Account Base URI
  4. Sora Integration Key
  1. Toggle the integration to Active but keep the Promoted to production toggle inactive.
  1. Contact your Sora representative to let them know that you have reached this step. Do not proceed to the next section until they have told you to do so.

Promoting to production

  1. Within DocuSign, navigate to Settings > Apps and Keys.
  2. Under the Go Live Status column, click on the Submit for review link for the Sora app that you created in the previous section.
  1. Click the Submit for review button in the resulting pop-up modal.
  1. Wait until you receive confirmation that the review has completed (this may take up to 20 minutes).
  2. Click the Promote to production button.
  3. In the resulting pop-up modal, log in with your production DocuSign credentials.
  4. After successfully logging in, you should select the instance of DocuSign that you want the Sora integration to be connected with.
  5. Wait 48-72 hours for the application promotion process to complete. There are several ways to tell once the process has successfully completed:
  • You receive an email from DocuSign with the subject Completed: App Review Request
  • The app will show up in the Apps and Keys page of your production instance of DocuSign.
  • The app will also show in your developer DocuSign instance as App is live
  1. Repeat steps 4-11 from the first section, except this time do it in your production instance of DocuSign as opposed to your developer instance.
  2. Within Sora, toggle on the Promoted to production switch for the DocuSign integration.
  3. Click the Save button.
  4. Click the Log in to set up integration button at the top of the page.
  5. Click the Allow access button to grant Sora the necessary permissions for the integration.