Manually creating a Sora app within Slack
If you only need to connect a single instance of Slack to Sora, please follow the steps in this help article instead. Only use the instructions below if you need to install multiple instances of Slack in Sora, or if you do not want to use the official Sora Slack app.

1. Create a new Slack App

You'll need to log in to your Slack account to create your app. By creating the app yourself you'll be able to control the name, logo, and feel of the interaction. This is your opportunity to customize the name of your slack bot, this will be the name seen by your employees when Sora sends them messages, so feel free to get creative.

Go to and click the Create New App button.

Give the app a name. The name of the app will be the name of the bot that messages employees. We named ours "People team"

Then select your company workspace from the dropdown and click Create App

2. Give it an icon

We'll get into some nitty-gritty in a second, but first, let's just make the bot look good by giving it an App icon. But take note, Slack requires that the image is a square!

3. Set Bot Token Scopes

Next, give your app the necessary permissions. In the side bar, under Features, click OAuth & Permissions. Now scroll until you see the Bots Token Scopes section. Add the following scopes for your bot from the dropdown selector to send direct messages and messages to channels.

If you like Sora to be able to create new channels, also add the channels:manage scope.

4. Install your bot to your Slack

Now look at the sidebar under Settings and click Install App. And then click the green Install App to Workplace button.

On the installation page, select the Slack channel you would like the bot to post to and click Allow.

You should now be on the Installed App Settings page.

Note down the Bot User OAuth Access Token and Webhook URL and share this with your Sora representative in a secured message.

5. Add your bot to Slack channels

If your bot will be posting to channels, you'll need to invite it to the channels in Slack.

6. Reach out to your Sora representative

For custom slack messages, reach out to your Sora account rep and let us know the slack integration is complete. We will turn on the Slack message integration type in your workflow management, allowing you to create a Slack message task in your workflows.