Allowing employees to self-enroll in workflows

When it comes to adding employees to a workflow, the right way is probably going to depend on the workflow itself.

So with an onboarding workflow, it's usually best for the new hire to automatically get added by Sora listening to the ATS to see when candidates are marked as hired.

And for some workflows, you might want someone with the right permissions to always add employees manually.

But for other workflows, like Parental Leave or PTO, you might want to allow employees to kick off those workflows themselves. And in Sora, it's super easy to do that by giving employees a button right on their Sora dashboard.

To set that up for a workflow, just navigate to the Manage workflow page, click Actions, and then go to Workflow settings.

Now just switch over to the Adding employees tab.

For this workflow we'll check the Allow multiple enrollments per employee box because with Parental leave, and typically with most workflows that allow self-enrollment, you're going to want employees to be able to go through it multiple times.

Then just expand the Allow employees to self-add.

And first, you want to select which employees will be able to self-enroll. We're going to allow everyone. But you can get as granular as you'd like using Sora permissions.

Next we'll check the Add a button on the homepage to allow employees to self-enroll in this workflow button.

Then we see a preview of what it'll look like on the employee's dashboard. And we can change the header and description.

And with the last checkbox we can even generate an external link that will allow employees to self-enroll from outside of Sora, which is pretty handy if you want to include a link in something like a company wiki, that way, right from the company article on the parental leave policy, an employee can initiate the parental leave process.

Then we just save the settings. And if we head back over to the dashboard we can see the button.