1. Add Sora from the ADP Marketplace

You can integrate Sora with ADP by adding Sora right from the ADP Marketplace.

Then just follow ADP's 4 step process for completing the order.

Please note that ADP charges a fee (typically $50/month) for this integration. This fee can fluctuate so please contact your Sora representative for an accurate pricing quote.

2. Reach out to your Sora rep

After completing the order from ADP, just reach out to your Sora rep and let them know. We'll verify the connection on Sora's end before you proceed to the next step and authorize the connection.

3. Authorize Sora

Now just navigate to the Sora settings integration page.

You should see your Organization ID, but no Client ID or Client Secret.

Now click the Visit ADP consent page to authorize Sora access button.

This will take you to an ADP page where you can authorize read and write permissions for your Sora integration by clicking Allow.

This will re-direct you back to your Sora ADP integration settings page, where the Client ID and Client secret will now be filled out.

Make sure the integration is toggled to Active and the settings are saved.