Sora emails blocked by a firewall

Company email servers are often placed behind firewall software, such as Mimecast, to protect the network from undesirable messages (e.g. phishing attempts, spam, etc.). This is accomplished by defining a specific set of rules that dictate whether or not an incoming email will get delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox. These rules are typically set by a network administrator and will vary significantly from company to company. This article addresses two specific rules that might block the deliverability of emails sent by Sora to your employees and provides workarounds for each.

Restrictions on emails from external domains

One common approach to shielding a company from outside threats is to only allow incoming emails from the company’s domain or from a list of approved external domains. In this case, there are two ways to ensure that emails automated by Sora will be delivered. The first is to configure email verification so that emails sent from Sora will appear to be coming from your company’s domain. This is the preferred solution as it allows you to send automated emails on behalf of employees at your company. Alternatively, you could ask your network administrator to explicitly add to the list of approved external domains for incoming emails.

Rules based on sender IP addresses

Some stricter implementations of firewalls will only allow incoming emails sent from specific mail servers. This is typically accomplished by checking the IP address of the mail server used to send an email against a list of approved IP addresses. Even if you have configured email verification to send Sora emails from your company’s domain, all automated email will still be sent from Sora’s mail servers. Therefore, in order to allow for the delivery of emails automated by Sora, a network administrator will need to add the IP addresses of Sora’s mail servers (shown below) to the list of allowed addresses.

Sora uses dedicated IP addresses, meaning that no company other than Sora can send emails from these two addresses.