You will need to be an Administrator in both Lever and Sora to configure the following integration.

Creating an API key

In order to connect Lever with Sora, you must first create an API key within Lever and then input this value into Sora. Follow the steps below to complete this process:

  1. Within Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations and API > API Credentials.
  2. Under the Lever API Credentials section, click on the Generate new key button.
  3. Enter the value Sora in the Key name field.
  4. Click the Copy key button to copy the API key to your clipboard.
  5. In the Permissions section, click on the Select all read preset option.
  6. Click the Done button at the bottom to finish creating the API key.
  7. In Sora, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Lever.
  8. Paste the API key that you copied to your clipboard (from step 4) into the API key field.
  9. Confirm that the toggle has been switched to Active and then click the Save button.
  10. Click the Validate button and confirm that you see the Verified indicator.

Creating a webhook

Once Lever has been connected to Sora, you can use this integration to automatically add candidates from Lever into a specific Sora workflow whenever a certain action takes place within Lever (e.g. candidate gets marked as hired). To set this up, follow the steps below:

  1. In Sora, click on the Add new listener button in the Entering the workflow column on the left side of the workflow builder for the specific workflow that you would like to connect to Lever.
  2. Choose the Lever option from the Select integration dropdown.
  3. Choose the desired option from the Select event option dropdown. This will determine what action within Lever will add a candidate into the Sora workflow. For an onboarding workflow, the most common option is the Candidate hired event.
  4. Copy the value listed as the Endpoint URL under the Webhook instruction section.
  5. Open Lever in a separate browser tab and navigate to Settings > Integrations and API > Webhooks.
  6. Activate the toggle for event that you selected in step 3 (e.g. Candidate hired) and then click on the + Add webhook button for that particular event.
  7. Paste the Endpoint URL that you copied in step 4 into the input field with the placeholder text that says https://yoursite.com.
  8. Return to the tab with your Sora workflow configuration and click on the Create event listener button.