Sora’s Lever integration allows you to automatically import an employee into Sora and add them to a workflow (e.g. Onboarding) whenever a specific event (e.g. marked as hired) occurs on a candidate’s profile within Lever. The following instructions will walk you through all the necessary steps to configure this integration.

Configuring this integration requires Administrator permissions within Sora and a Super Admin access role within Lever.

Integration Setup

  1. Within Sora, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Lever.
  2. Select the Lever Connect (Recommended) option and then click on the Login to set up integration button that appears.
  1. Click the Accept button in the authorization pop-up window, which will result in the following confirmation message.
  1. Click on the Validate button and confirm that you see a Verified status.

Inbound Field Mapping

Follow the instructions in this article to configure the mapping of candidate fields from Lever to employee fields within Sora.

Only default Lever fields will appear when you first navigate to the Inbound field mapping tab. To map custom Lever fields, use the View sample data for input to search for a candidate that has Referral and Offer custom fields, at which point these custom fields should appear in the field mapping list.

Webhook Configuration

  1. Within Sora, navigate to the Workflows tab and click on the Manage workflow button for the specific workflow that you want to connect with Lever (this would typically be the Onboarding workflow).
  2. Click on the Add listener button under the Entering the workflow section on the left-hand side of the screen.
  1. In the resulting modal, select Lever from the first dropdown menu and the desired event (this would typically be Candidate hired) from the second dropdown menu.
  1. Click the Create event listener button and then confirm that you now see the Lever event listed in the Entering the workflow section.
  1. (Optional) In a separate tab, open Lever and navigate to Settings > Integrations and API > Webhooks and click the Verify connection button to confirm that the connection is working properly.