How to get an overview of where people are in workflows

With Sora, you can build automated workflows to assign tasks, send surveys, and send emails. And assignees can mark those tasks complete or fill out those surveys. But when you're not building workflows, or completing your individual tasks, sometimes you might want to just check in on a high level to see where everything is at. Let's take a look at how you can do that with the workflow and tasks pages.

The best place to see where an individual person is in their workflow is right on the workflow page. Here you can see all your active workflows, and how many people are in each workflow. Let's take a look at our new hire onboarding workflow.

As you can see in the progress sidebar on the left, we have a handful of people in this workflow, and they're all in different parts of the process. We can click on an employee to get a quick rundown of where they are in the workflow, the status of each task, and even the upcoming tasks that haven't been triggered yet.

We can quickly see that Nettie Powers was supposed to be added to the HRIS, but that task is one day overdue. And we can see that the tasks was assigned to Gabby Mendes, so we might want to check with Gabby to see what's going on with that.

So the workflow page is a great place to get a high level view of each workflow, who's in it, how it's going, and what's coming up. But sometimes you just want to see all of the active tasks. The things that everyone should be working on now. That's what the task page is for.

The first thing we see in my tasks, and good news, I've done everything that's been assigned to me. But what I really want to see is All Open Tasks.

From this screen I can filter all of the active tasks, looking at specific workflows, or filtering by one particular assignee to see everything they have going on right now, or even by due date, if I just want to see the things we need to get done this week.

Where the workflow page gives me a good high level look of the entire workflow, the task page give me a good look at all the thing things that we need to be getting done right now.